Who We Are

Our Philosophy: Strategic, Collaborative Solutions

Resolute Information Technology helps organisations find fresh answers to their business challenges through strategic, collaborative information technology services and solutions. A trusted provider to over 70 local authorities, not-for-profits and medium sized businesses across Queensland, we help our clients’ to take advantage of changing technology to meet their specific goals, from improving service delivery to increasing operational efficiency, reducing costs or improving communication and collaboration.

Our driving purpose is to become a key strategic business advisor to our clients, providing new and powerful responses to meet their changing business needs and continually evaluating emerging technologies to ensure they have the best platform to meet their future goals.

We believe success is the result of innovation, planning, hard work and a resolve to see things through. Our passion is delivering successful outcomes and real value for our customers. It’s our passion to make a difference to our customers through IT enablement.

We provide real value to our clients through strategic, collaborative solutions; solutions that often start small and grow with demand. For us, it’s about driving meaningful value from every cent invested in technology; our approach balances innovation and experience with the best technology for the job, resulting in real solutions that solve both common and complex business objectives.

The one constant of modern business life is change!

As the pre-eminent supplier of ICT services to Local Government and a wholly-owned subsidiary of the LGAQ, we understand the unique challenges you face as the provider of such an array of community services. We recognise the desire to employ locally, the need for value, the appreciation of innovation and the variety of driving forces behind every decision.

With that in mind, we have reshaped and refocused our business to meet your needs. We provide specialist expertise to those who are unable to source it locally. We partner with industry-leading experts to deliver niche project assistance. We work consultatively, to understand your organisation at every level, and we partner with your team to deliver day-to-day ICT services that exceed expectations.

Our Values: Innovative, Trusted, Inclusive

Resolute has adopted a value statement that governs the expected behaviours of our team and our interactions with our customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.

Our values require each of us to be:

  • Innovative – To be innovative, we must work together to turn our ideas and technologies into customer ready and customer relevant solutions.
  • Trusted – For our customers to trust us, we must deliver on our commitments. This means taking responsibility for our actions and respecting the contributions and opinions of others.
  • Inclusive – To be inclusive we must value the skills, experience and abilities that exist within our organisation; embracing openness and honesty in our communications and in the issues and challenges that we face.
NSW LGP Approved Contractor
Microsoft Silver Partner
VMware Silver Partner
Emerson Silver Solutions Partner
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